Excellence in Intelligence for the private sector, since 2015

orporate Intelligence Agency is a private information agency dedicated to the business, specializing in the identification and remedy of potential risks and threats to the security and integrity of our clients’ activity. Through creativity, experience and dedicated effort, our Intelligence agency has gathered information and undertook operations on European and CIS scale in our mission to protect and offer specialised services to our clients.

      The progress of the 20th century in technology and communication, combined with our team’s top-tier abilities in the domain of intelligence and security in the private sector, have changed forever the way that our partner companies have preserved their security and integrity.


The average value of loss reduction our partners experienced, in 2017


      In using our Intelligence services, our partners have discovered and came to greatly appreciate our confidential, fast and easy method of dealing with sensitive situations, whether we are dealing with collecting and providing information of interest with major implications in decision-making, internal or external risk control, fraud or bribery, to identifying the best risk management solutions or the appropriate management of subversive actions that could cause adverse economic or legal effects.

      By accessing our team’s solutions in Business & Competitive Intelligence, results can only be positive. Through creative use, these solutions and services become a competitive advantage with a consistent contribution to the success, development and security of our partners. The excellence of the offered services derives both from the practical experience in the field and from the many situations in which they can be applied.

      The success of an Intelligence company can only be measured by the impact it has on the development and success of its partners. Therefore, at the Corporate Intelligence Agency, our partners’ interests are our top priority. We actively support the development of a clean business environment, but also offer premium solutions to common and special situations and problems in the business. Less time dedicated to dealing with unpleasant situations by company management, more time for developing your business!